Falaris (since year 2000) produces birch components for furniture industries, our market is mainly in UK. Monthly we supply to UK. ca 6003 calibrated components for upholstery manufacturers. For that we process annually over 20 000m3 of birch.


Birch we supply to upholstery manufacturers and other furniture producers. Main specification is PAR Birch, mainly frame grade but we are always ready to offer products according to Your wishes and orders. Our standard specification of Birch is:  Thickness: 24 mm Width: 24, 35, 45, 57, 70, 95, 120 & 145 mm Lengths: 400 mm to 3200 mm


Falaris Puit OÜ
Village Aovere, Tartu county 60503

Phone: (+372) 50 20406
E-mail: info(at)


Register code:  11104576

KMKR no:  EE100952582

Swedbank a/a:  EE462200221027168050

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